ForceField™ ZT Automatic Block-Level Protection

ForceField™ stops Ransomware from sabotage and forcing you into a data hostage situation. Zero Trust Storage™ inside of each physical storage device, operates autonomously without internet connections. Security controls are enforced at the lowest layer of the security stack, internal to the device and are independent of host, OS, credentials or access permissions.

Supports Windows, Linux, VMs. Temporary/Permanent protections. Scales nicely with USB ThumbDrives, individual internal/external disks, SAN/NAS on-prem provisioned storage, Private Web Server or in the Cloud.

AES 256-bit encryption with easy key management and multi-factor self-generated and mirrored encrypted-encryption keys. The only secure storage used by NIST NCCoE for SP 1800-25, 1800-11, 1800-10 “Protection and Recovery from Ransomware and other Destructive Events“, available on DHS CDM CISA Approved Products List (APL), DISA tested and DoD contractor pen-tested.

  • Real-time protection, ForceField™ instantly locks-down and encrypts each data block as it is written in real-time
  • ForceField™ prevents BOTH disclosure AND sabotage, manipulation, deletion and Ransomware
  • Used by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies for Data Integrity, Data Confidentiality and protection of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to protect data from destructive events
  • Tested and validated by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), penetration tested by major government contractors
  • Self generated two-factor, mirrored, encrypted-encryption keys simplify AES 256-bit encryption and key management with automatic key mirrors and FIPS 140-2 options
  • Available as USB thumb drives, internal and external disk drives, on-prem NAS/SAN storage servers, web services, and in the cloud.

Typical use cases include

Critical Data – Neutralizes Ransomware, data sabotage, manipulation, deletion. Immutable Data – Important Documents, Files, Pictures, Video. Backups and Archives – Safe and permanent, can’t be deleted or Randomwared. eMail Repositories – eMail export & protect for records retention and compliance. Secure Content Management Systems – immutable data known secure data baseline “Gold Image” Systems and Data Content – Ensures binaries, executables, config and other data are pristine and trustable. Financial Transactions – Permanent real-time records, transactions and attachments. Voter Fraud Prevention – Every vote is immediately protected, prevents election meddling. High-speed I/O provides near instant secure voter recount. No internet connection needed so hackers can’t get in. Regulatory Compliance – FINRA, SEC 17a3-17a4, DoD 5015.2, NARA & OMB, HIPAA. Firewall Audit Log Files – Firewall and router log entries are protected as they are created. Keeps hackers from deleting logs and covering their tracks. Audit Logs – Physical security and computer access logs cannot be manipulated or deleted. Secure Files – Documents, pictures, video, records and other important data files. Permanent Records – Land, tax, business, historical and other records requiring retention. Legal Documents – Contracts, immutable digital evidence and online court records. Crypto-Currency – Keep wallets, journals, trading information safe and protected.